How Are Workers’ Compensation Settlements Determined?

Many workers believe that the most difficult stage following a serious work accident is the period of medical care and rehabilitation that immediately follows. For too many people, however, the most challenging stage comes following the end of rehabilitation, when it is time to negotiate with an employer’s insurance company for a monetary settlement.

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Once a worker reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI), an employer’s insurance company will typically offer a monetary settlement to compensate him or her for any long-term effects the injury may have on their ability to work in the future.

Although vocational retraining may be an option in some cases, it provides little to no help for most workers in finding a new job.  We will negotiate with the insurance company to make sure that a settlement is complete and fair. By quickly finalizing settlements, we can save many clients the time and stress of a workers’ compensation process that can drag on for years.

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